A Basketball Game, Marvel by Nicole Fairburn

A basketball game

by Nicole Fairburn


Animals running and sweating wildly to the dribble beat of a rubber ball

Two royal Queens, arrogant with conceit waiting to be fed

Each elegant dance of the beast brings uproar from the lion’s den each time

The peanut gallery pops like corn into undeniable frenzy

Every move fluidly marked by the Kings of the jungle as they beat their chests with red faces.

As if the glory of victory means survival

The shine of the hardwood sustains the wild life

Screams from the she lions and mama kangaroos invade the watering hole

As our team scores a basket and the crowd goes wild





by Nicole Fairburn


I can’t help but marvel at thirty six thousand feet

At the innocently molded land

From hands and human feet

Roads like veins rushing blood to every square

And splotches of blemish upon a full head of hair

I can’t help but marvel at the work my God has done

How human life is sustained by the pleasure of the son

Brilliant is the work of busy building bodies

I can’t help but marvel

Over millions of beating hearts

Over clear skies and a foggy sun

With angels in the atmosphere

Someday someone will see through my kaleidoscope

And marvel

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