Human Canvas, The Way You Like Life by Nicole Fairburn

Human Canvas 

Nicole Fairburn

Stand there human steeple

You’re the only one who absorbs the light of denial

Thoughts are bottled in

Only one may know what hides

For you are where the spirit confides

Longing for those eyes and heart a soft beating

Allow the world to paint on you with colors of discreting

Then out your soul to the carriers of pure

To cleanse your canvas

To find the cure

Lay there, human brace

Fragile yet wounded

Take all hell away

Be strength

Yet know you could break

Possess all knowledge for you fight for innocent bodies

Protector, demolish depressed lives and let peace be of statue

Exist oh dreamer

Be of time and essence

Night will soon fall for you

So darkness may recognize you by name

Fall from the stars and retreat your fame

Consist of beauty and of eternity

Returning to stone as greeted by the sun

Shine, human canvas

Of love, of spirit, of shame

Dazzle oh light, be of no disgrace

Go to take far away this life

Be of truth and body and strife

Contain your adjectives so mother earth may see

Beauty she possesses in the bondage of you and me

Search this canvass, know my words

Now we are light   in the place of song birds

Gobble my pages with this sense

Disturb some screams

Know the effect you have upon me

As my eyes are uplifted to you

Show yourself to me

Reveal the sound of your voice

For the only thing that remains is a canvas of rejoice

Painted so deeply into light

Emotions run rancid, Emancipating sight

Think of your actions

Think of your smile

Be of matter, take faith for a while

Know who you are for time will surely tell

Attend to your canvas for its contents is crucial to survive

The way you like life

You’ll live where light pollution doesn’t exist

Where nature runs wild under overalls and dip juice

Your land will grow with your children and the sky will smile

Nothing compares to the feeling you get when sprouting of green break the moist ground

Giants stand before you

You face them with every nut and bolt of your combine

Your old rough hands tip that straw hat to a passerby

While you stand on the purity of your land

You’ll live where cars only travel through- never to

The place people forget about while they waste gas in a big city

Eating manmade chemicals by the box

You’re a front porch lemonade sipper from the south

You and your Mrs.

Making ends meet means sweating dew till dusk

Every inch of your exhausted body aches for one deep breath

Begging for relief

Muscles straining, veins bulging, sun tortured flesh

But your heart and your god are the drivers

So you press on

You’re an American farmer and that’s the way you like life

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