Sawdust Gasoline and Oranges, Seed Sower by Nicole Fairburn

Nicole Fairburn

Sawdust Gasoline and Oranges     

Be colorful like the birds

Like sweet jam in a glass jar

Free like the branches of the willow tree

Alive with a smile on the face of new lovers

A heart on fire

A tongue of circles and squares that tug on beautiful beating heartstrings

Sawdust, gasoline and oranges

Scent leads life for awe and flinch

Stimulating mind waves   brain cells

And priceless memories


Movement      Motion




Saliva bubbles

Sit here with strands of hair in front of my blues

Lids set before them with a neighboring field of golden corndeath



Seed sower

by Nicole Fairburn


You have sown the seed of the tree that is me

Breathed life into lungs and patient limb construction

I know my leaves rustle careful and free

Because you are the sower of the tree that is me

My roots quench dying thirst while arms branch with elegance

Masters of the earth, my siblings grow with veins deep

Feeding off the grub of mother air and father spring

Scientifical giants

I grow beside time and age with grace

My branches stronger with ticks and tocks

A wise old owl visits me

You are the sower I am the sown

You are the parents I am the poet

Ode to the seed sower

What you sow is what you will reap

Parenting kindling of what can and should be

For, I thank you for sowing the seed of the tree that is me

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