Stewardship by Allison Trent


by Allison Trent


Some say ignorance is bliss,

But who wants to be ignorant?

Knowledge is power.

The more you learn

the more you know

the more you understand

the more you hold in your hands

the more you succeed

the more power you have.


With great power comes great responsibility.


There’s just one problem…


Those with knowledge,

those with power,

those with great responsibility—

They have a choice.

Who do we care about when we eat

the fruit of the tree

of the knowledge

of good

and evil?


We are responsible for this.


So how do we choose?


Bask in your own holographic glory while you search the mirror

to see all your knowledge and power.

I’ll keep my treasure in an unassuming,

fragile clay pot.

We are responsible for this.

Let’s live on behalf of the Creator,




It’s not all about us.



{Luke 12.48; Genesis 3.4-5; 2 Corinthians 4.7}

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