Fighting the Invisible by Samantha Mack

Forget about the wind and the whispers it carries, dear.
It only spreads rumors and headaches. Hush—
Be still. Let the wind carry on and pass by. The soft rush
of tattered lies will dissipate in time. All clear—
Carry on with your duties and rhythms, but veil that fear
of the unknown deep in your soul, and flush
out the idleness it creates. Re-mold your heart, don’t blush,
but continue to swiftly engineer
yourself. Don’t lose faith. Take in the world and what
it bids. Grace your tongue with a silent vow.
Believe in the sanctuary that is breath.
When you feel strong enough, beat the death
that floats and lingers in the air. Make sure to brace and shut
the door after, locking your lips. Take a bow.

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