To Fellow Humans around the World by Anonymous

To Fellow Humans around the World,

This letter is for you, for all of you. For those who disagree with me, for those who side with me, and for those who don’t know where they stand yet. What topic has me writing this letter? Marriage. Oh dear, I nearly forgot to specify… Gay marriage.

I understand that some of you may want to quit reading now. I urge you to bear with me. (People who know me know that I normally keep my thoughts to myself.) I understand how you feel, I really do. Shocking I know. You will see and understand in time.

Some people are against gay marriage, some people are for gay marriage, and then we have those people who could care less as long as it doesn’t affect them. I happen to support gay marriage… now. I didn’t always support gay marriage though.

Me? Someone who didn’t support gay marriage? I know… I’m sure your minds are blown. Ever know something but you don’t want to believe it? So you keep lying to yourself, become super opinionated against the truth, and would do anything to deny it. I knew I was gay a long time ago but I didn’t want to believe it. I dated a guy freshman year of high school to try and convince myself to turn straight. I took a firm stance against homosexuality. I made myself a “bible thumper” to keep forcing myself to not believe the truth. None of that worked.

I used to judge homosexuals silently in my mind. I wish I could go back and apologize to all of them. I judged them because they had something I wanted but never wanted to believe. Now that I’ve come full circle, I can be myself now. People may look down on me, and they have, but that won’t stop me from being me.

“Me” is an interesting word. It’s part of what makes us human. Being gay doesn’t make me any less human. See? Me, there it is again. Since I am “me” and you are “me” as well, doesn’t that make us connected as humans? You might be straight and I’m gay but we are still connected. We are connected as humans. That’s why “Me” flipped upside down is “We.” We are never really that much different from each other.

If we are all connected as humans, doesn’t that mean we should all share the same pleasures? Or civil rights in this case. One day I want to marry the woman of my dreams and one day you might want to marry the woman/man of your dreams. What is stopping us all from getting married? Politics, opinions, and forgetting we are all connected. People say they are going to a gay wedding but do they ever say they are going to a straight wedding? No. Do people say they are going to a black wedding, biracial wedding, or cross-cultural wedding? No. So what is the big difference with two women or two men getting married? The fact that they are the same gender is the problem for some reason.

I urge you to please stop worrying. I understand you do not have to agree with me. You do not even have to like it or support it. For the sake of being human though, don’t let it tear us apart. Please don’t ruin our friendship, our love for each other, our families just because we have differing opinions. Remember, I used to be like you. I really do understand how you feel. Maybe one day, you will take the time to understand how I feel. If you don’t, that is ok too. I will always love you regardless. I refuse to let our opinions tear us apart when we are all connected.

Much Love,


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