The Way You Like Life by Nicole Fairburn

You’ll live where light pollution doesn’t exist
Where nature runs wild under overalls and dip juice
Your land will grow with your children and the sky will smile
Nothing compares to the feeling you get when sproutlings of green
……break the moist ground
Giants stand before you
You face them with every nut and bolt of your combine
Your old rough hands tip that straw hat to a passerby
While you stand on the purity of your land

You’ll live where cars only travel through- never to
The place people forget about while they waste gas in a big city
Eating man made chemicals by the box
Your a front porch lemonade sipper from the south
You and your Mrs.

Making ends meet means sweating dew till dusk
Every inch of your exhausted body aches for one deep breath
Begging for relief
Muscles straining, veins bulging, sun tortured flesh
But your heart and your god are the drivers
So you press on
You’re an American farmer and that’s the way you like life

–Nicole Fairburn

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